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Knowledge gained as a direct result of exhaustive tests on captured Nieuport fighters led to drastic revision of the Albatros wing cellule. Aileron control cables were routed through the lower wings, as per the D.

Those with an eye for detail may note the extra wing bracing cable from t. Fuselage markings and horizontal tail slrlpes, black and while. Also of interest are the manufactnrer's plates pinned to the centre of the wing cut-out and the light rib tapes and wing outlines.

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Although restored in recent years the current finish worll by the aeroplane is not truly representative of the original markings. Pale grey metal panels, struts and wheel covers. The wing structure followed the typical all-wood Albatros formula with twin box spars located well forward, the front spar connected to the leading edge with a plywood capping strip. The circumfel'ence of the spinner was less than that of the metal panels immediately beyond so as to facilitate increased cooling of the Mercedes engine.

Metal penels and strulS, pale grey. Upper surfaces of wings and horizontal tail surfaces were camouflaged in various patterns of dark green and mauve, the shades of which could vary as the Methuen examples reveal. Our top-selling range of modelling Specials devoted to building popular Wingnut Wings kits!

Va Late type with extra bracing strut on lower wing n, o D. Fuselage and tail colours are conjectural.

Windsock Datafile 138 - LVG C.VI at War

The steel tube-framed ailerons were unbalanced and of greater inverse taper than those of the D. Pilots expecting an immediate improvement in performance were to be disappointed. These been applied at the factory. This carly production Albalros D. Vs was later halted and it is killed.

Windsock Datafile - Aviatik C I. Size of undercarriage and interptane struts. Upper and lower surfaces of both wings and horizontal tailplane in four- or five-colour prinfed camouflage fabric - under surlaces of wings and tailplane may have been overpainted in pale blue. Also of interest in this view is Ihe posilion of Ihe pilor's seal, etf reference guide pdf fuel tanks and bell feed for Ihe machine guns. Often imitated but never equalled or surpassed!

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Windsock Datafile No. - Albatros C.I - PDF Free Download

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Va is trestled up to sight the gUlls. Varnished plywood fuselage overpainted with black spiral. After being forced down the prince later died of wounds received at the hands of infantry when attempting to reach the German lines. Spinner, forward fuselage and wheel covers in red, rear fuselage pale blue, fin and rudder shown white but may have been pale blue.

The machine is filled with Ihe Teves and Bralln flush-mounted radiator and was later given the British capture number G. Worn upper surfaces of the aeroplane's lower wing are noteworthy as are fuselage panel joints and encircling painted bands. Upper surtaces of both lower wings are dark green Albatros D.

The white outlined black star marking is repeated on the upper fuselage. The photograph clearly reveals the printed camouflage fabric Below, Lt. The fuselage of this Albatros has been carefully painted to match the printed fabric applied to wings and tailplane. Ills delivered from late May onwards were camouflaged in green and lilac.

The steps and trestles do not appear to have been general issue as they varied from unit to unit. In early June he had written to his father that about every two weeks he had his aeroplane's markings changed to conhlse the enemy - modellers beware! Va production batch seen here after capture in Palestine. Comet colours remain unconfirmed. The pilot's initial H was applied on both port and starboard sides of the upper wing in large black characters narrowly outlined in while.

Wings and tailplane around the cockpit was leather, usually are dark green and mauve above, pale a mid or dark brown. The book is currently available from Peter Grose Ltd. This colour, usually that of the exterior metal Albatros D. Many rareties will become available here and all kits will be checked for completeness. However, such individualistic schemes were not as common as generally supposed and colours were usually restricted to the fuselage, tail and struts.

Windsock Datafile No. 057 - Albatros C.I

Bright yellow spinner, entire tail unit in dull yellow. Note washout to aileron and outer portion of lower wing.

Several writers have suggested the cause as being the centre of pressure on the single-spar lower wing moving forward to cause wing flutter and resulting in failure as the stress increased. Quite a few of the early D. Highly detailed and accurate - best O. Limited back numbers are also available from the publishers. Either pattern could be applied to O.

Tall stripes are black and white. Not only did these differences seemingly go unrecorded, they were also disregarded when planning static tests, an omission which proved to have tragic consequences. Va of a Marine Feld Jasta. Upper and lower wing crosses probably as fuselage style.

Note the laminations of the Axial airscrew and gap behind spinner. Rarely were aeroplanes redoped in their entirety. Va in the Middle East, possibly Macedonia - note hvin upper wing radiators. Rear sight, visible here, flipped up and took the form of a light square-shaped frame in a style frequenlly seen in Fokker D.

Windsock Datafile 138 - LVG C.VI at War