Teach Yourself Afrikaans Pdf

Piet and Sannie responding to their cousins Sarel and Jannie. Geen suiker vir my nie, J a n. White vang die bal net buite die Springbokke s e twee-entwintig. Literally, this means The expression Aangename kennis is an you should learn by heart.

Teach yourself afrikaans pdf

In fact, if you know lots of nouns and verbs in another language you should be able to make yourself understood in that language. Note Writing dates in Afrikaans is easy. Afrikaans infinitives are similar to English infinitives, except that there are at least two forms of the infinitive i n Afrikaans, one with om te and the other with just te. Afrikaans is a creole in that it derives from Dutch and German and English and has borrowed much from the African and M a l a y languages. Thus, bedava e kitap pdf indir the hyphen is not required and the words are written as one.

Teach yourself afrikaans pdf

Teach Yourself Afrikaans (book only) - PDF Free Download

They put the cake in the oven. Die kaptein hoef nie nou seil nie. What ingredients does Piet think they need?

Afrikaners wake up to coffee and a rusk in the morning. Boere hou van bitter koffie. Sit asseblief, kinders, en haal julle taalboeke uit. They add milk and often hot milk at that!

Die godin wat veral vereer w o r d is Lakshmi wat die godin van rykdom en is. Abram bet interessante mense wat op sy plaas woon. Keep your own vocabulary list in an alphabetized book. As you work on each of the tenses, listen carefully to the appropriate set of sentences and practise them and compile others from the tables. This knowledge will facilitate the cross-cultural interactions you are likely to face should you visit South Africa.

Die sout en peper asseblief, Sannie. At weekends, however, most meals are taken together.

Language patterns Q Question words Question words are those we use to get information from other people. The poor man's house has hurnt down. Beste Vriende, Ek kuier lekker op Abram se plaas.

Each of the relative pronouns refers to a noun Kaptein Bruinders, land, koek, tafel, kamer, potlood. Deur hard werk, het Sannie gewen. Notice also that the particle om may occur some distance from its complement piece, te see the first, second and fourth examples, above. By freezing the fish it stays fresh.

The other person's response will generally be Goed dankie. It w i l l give you some general information and an idea of how the book is structured and how to approach the course. Die Engelse volkslied word eers gesing. Wanneer al die nette ingetrek is, seil hulle weer terug H o u t b a a i toe. The position of om is dictated by the verb preceding it and the position of the te by the verb itself.

Can I have an egg, please? This gives you another opportunity for practising your plurals. The focus in the written language has been on getting a message across to a reader.

Die Parkeraad-kwekery het belowe dat hulle vir elke boom wat die maatskappy koop een sal skenk. The order is always Tyd, Wyse, Plek. Agt can lose its -t and become agbefore -ste is added. Their first names are Jan and Marie.

In this unit we will be focusing on verbs and the way in which verbs tell the time at which something is done. Except for the question words wie?

As long as you read from left to right and choose one word from each column, you can't make a mistake. In each case begin with the first of the pair of sentences. Relative pronouns Relative pronouns are those words, which as their name implies, relate things to one another. Ons sal verseker dat daar vyftig grawe is vir die van u wat nie grawe het nie. My huistaal is ook Afrikaans.

Teach Yourself Afrikaans (book only)

Teach yourself afrikaans pdf

Die kinders se ouers is mnr. Sannie en haar ma maak die huis skoon. Tomorrow I shall skip or Tomorrow Vasu will skip.

Die hoeveelste is dit vandag? Note You may move any of the phrases to the beginning of the sentence, but the other two must remain in their fixed order Time, Manner, Place.

Teach yourself afrikaans pdfTeach yourself afrikaans pdf

Smit is per soon ons gepraat het. The positive adjective form is used to describe one thing. Die meeste inheemse mense is Christene, maar daar is van ons mense wat die ou geloof nog volg. Die Franse hardloper het The French runner came tweede gekom in die wedloop.

Teach yourself afrikaans pdf

The units become progressively more complex and should be worked through in consecutive order. You would never just say More Morning and then hurtle into what you want to talk about.