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To use the function shown at the upper right corner of the screen, press soft key A. Printing Still Images Printing still images You can print still images using the following methods. Do not obscure the face by a hat, masks, sunglasses, etc.

Hopefully, this manual can be useful for you as it is useful for others. Auto Compensates for darker corners of the screen automatically.

Download Sony Alpha NEX-5N PDF User Manual Guide

Previous Displays the last item set. Does not use Red Eye Reduction. Does not use the electronic front curtain shutter function.

Sony NEX-5N Manual a Sony s King Compact System Camera

How to transfer pictures and videos from a camera to a computer or device. No Limit Enlarges the display until is selected. Page Touch panel You can operate the camera intuitively by touching or sliding your finger on the screen.

In such a case, save your images to a computer or other storage location, then format the memory card. Batteries other than the specified kind may leak, overheat, or explode if you attempt to charge them, posing a risk of injury from electrocution and burns. Page Beep Selects the sound produced when you operate the camera.

Support by Sony Mobile App. Refer to these numbers whenever you call upon your Sony dealer regarding this product. Visit our Community and share your experiences and solutions with other Sony customers. And from this manual too, csi 2120 manual pdf you can get the most reliable reference about this device. Manual Exposure Manual Exposure You can shoot with the desired exposure setting by adjusting both the shutter speed and aperture.

Repeat Plays back images in a continuous loop. Protect Protects images, or cancels the protection. It has black domination color with metallic accent on some parts.

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Page Sets the luminous sensitivity. So, we can bet the reliability of it. And these holes work perfectly in preventing from slippery while you are getting wet.

Download Sony Alpha NEX-5N PDF User Manual Guide

Sony NEX-5N Instruction ManualSony Alpha NEX-5N Key Features

Check on the direction of the notched corner. The larger the image size, the more detail will be reproduced when the image is printed on large-format paper. Expresses skin tones softly. The image was deleted by mistake.

Touch the item on the screen to select it. You can do lot of things with this feature in order to help your photography activities. Page Image Index Selects the number of images to be displayed on the index.

Press the center of the control wheel. You can record a movie with a value adjusted with the defocusing effect. How To Use This Handbook Notes on using the camera How to use this handbook Click on a button at upper right on the cover and each page to jump to the corresponding page. Smile Shutter Smile Shutter When the camera detects a smile, the shutter is released automatically. Reduces wind noise during movie recording.

Playback button Selecting the image Turn the control wheel. Compensates for the brightness of the entire image. Standard Shoots images using standard size. Page Supports high-speed data transfer using a parallel interface.

Pressing the shutter button halfway down returns the camera to the shooting mode. In the table below, not available. Sets the second delay self-timer.

Does not show recording information. You can continue to shoot but the SteadyShot function will not work.

This function allows you to confirm the focus easily. Drive Mode on the control wheel t desired mode. Histogram Displays the luminance distribution graphically. Page Color You can adjust the color easily in Photo Creativity. Use this to display a horizontal orientation image in vertical orientation.

Menu Using functions in the menu Menu You can set up the basic settings for the camera as a whole, or execute functions such as shooting, playback, or other operations. This information covers something like specification, camera parts, features, operation, instructions, and many more.

Enable Releases the shutter when no lens is attached. Page During playback Display Info.

The arrow means you can turn the control wheel. This seems so right since look also becomes one of the main considerations of user in deciding which product to choose. Does not compensate for the color deviation. Page Version Displays the version of your camera and lens.

Sony NEX-5N Manual a Sony s King Compact System Camera

To cancel the power save, operate the camera, such as pressing the shutter button halfway down. The camera evaluates the subject and makes the proper settings. Slide your finger on the screen to scroll down to hidden items. The domination of black is really bringing bold and solid look.

Sony NEX-5N Instruction Manual