Rover 200 Workshop Manual Pdf

Raise the axle until the spring is seated in the lower spring seat. If both require replacement, replace one, then perform the Airbag System test before replacing the other. Connect battery ground cable. Support weight of fuel tank underneath cradle. Install shock absorber to spring, ensure spring locates in cut recess in shock absorber plate.

Support the fuel tank with a jack. Position spring and shock absorber assembly to spring compressor. Loosen the tie rod-to-sub-frame bolt one quarter turn. Install new hub nut, but do not tighten at this stage. Tighten rear bush housing nut to ft.

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Connect the negative battery cable. If nasal or throat irritation is experienced, exit the vehicle for fresh air until the irritation ceases.

Rover 200 Workshop Manual PDF

Before servicing the vehicle, refer to the precautions in the beginning of this section. Install the shock absorber.

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Release the tie rod from the ball joint. Install the intermediate exhaust pipe.

Position engine ground lead and secure with bolt. Loosen the upper bolt securing the shock to the tower.

Release hub from shock absorber. Tighten the center screw on the tool to press the driveshaft from the flange. Clean transmission and engine mating faces. Align slots in new slipper bushing halves with those in long arm.

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Position radius arm to vehicle and install retaining nuts and bolts, but do not tighten at this time. Install new o-rings and gasket and coolant pump to the cylinder block. This is achieved by supporting the vehicle on supports, with a jack under the axle.

Fit rod through each access hole in steering wheel at right angles to steering column. Deployed and non-deployed airbags may or may not have live pyrotechnic material within the airbag inflator. Bushing Replacement Ensure correct orientation of snubber washer.

Rover Workshop Manual PDF - Engine Cooling 1/84

Clean gearbox to engine mating faces, dowels and dowel holes. Disconnect the negative battery cable. Position the ball joint and align the tool.

Rover Workshop & Owners Manual

Installing tool set to the front hub-Range Rover Fig. Fit snubber rubber and nut, but do not tighten at this stage. Release lower arm front mounting from rear beam. Clean rear mounting mating faces. If sat on and damaged, the sensor may be inoperative, could result in occupant injury, original declaration of independence pdf or possibly death.

Slowly lower the axle to relieve the spring tension. Loosen transmission multiplug locking ring and disconnect plug. Fit breather hose to fuel tank and secure with clip. Connect the horn connector. Liters Engine Oil with Filter qts.

Connect hose to cruise control actuator. Start the engine and check for leaks. Disconnect the multiplug from rotary coupler. Install the front wheels and lower the vehicle.

Locate secondary hole and carefully push on rod until clip is released. Powder residue emitted from a deployed airbag can cause skin irritation. Align bush housings, ensuring roll pin is correctly located.

With assistance, position fuel tank and cradle. Install rear, then front, propeller shafts. Unbolt the brake caliper and position it aside, leaving the hose attached. Do not install nut at this time.

Rover 200 workshop manual pdf