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If you could see your guardian angel with you all the time, you would choose more carefully. Don't you know that your guardian angel goes everywhere with you and will not leave you, even when they have to go places that belong to satan and watch things your eyes should never see. There is one more viewpoint no one mentions and that is the Father's opinion!

Jesus Is My Salvation Revealing Heaven Volume II by Kat Kerr (Part )

When I returned and shared with his friends, they were overjoyed as these were the two things he always wanted to do. If He is in control of your life, He is your provider and protector. God looks at each case separately and if the person ending their life is a Believer, He does not always call it suicide.

What an amazing gift you are sharing with the world and I for one will cherish your insight. Live according to guidelines God sets and not the world.

The habitation of Glory will be so evident in some regions that I saw people taking their dead in cars to those regions and when they crossed the state lines, the dead came back to life. Get your lives in order and cleanse yourself through repentance. This by no means gives anyone the right to end their lives, you could never be sure what the Father's decision would be concerning you. The act or instance of intentionally killing oneself. Many Christians will begin to perform amazing miracles the earth has never experienced before.

Kat Kerr Revealing Heaven. When I was taken to Heaven and viewed his life it was like seeing a different person. If you make it to Heaven you will find out every time they saved your life, bone fracture healing pdf even when you fought against the things of God in your life. People will demand that the media show these divine encounters and miracles as they will be occurring everywhere.

You have also helped to break some of my religious boxes and better understand the love of God. The Believers will start loving one another and pastors from different denominations will begin to trust one another.

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Guard your heart and put the things of God there instead of the things of this world. Finally, he could not cope any longer and he ended his suffering. This meant their outside image body and also their inside image spirit. The Father gave me open visions of what must take place during this Holy season on earth! Millions of healing angles are being trained to help empty the Body Parts Warehouse during this move of God that will usher in the Harvest of souls during this season.

It was not long before he ended the agony and, of course, was taken to Heaven. It is the most powerful warfare you can do!

Another thing I was shown was the authority of the Believer become very powerful as they recieve an understanding of who they are in Christ. Please bless kat kerr and all associated with this website. The psychiatrists explain that once despair hopelessness sets in, there is almost no way to turn one from it. The medication had severe side effects and took away any normal reasoning he once had.

One Quest International Introduction Video. He was filled with the life and love of God and he was playing in a rock band and another time I saw him playing on a junior football team. The Holy Spirit gave me the answer, and as always it was so simple, most of us missed it! You have been a huge encouragement to me and I have been taking the authority that God says I have and that you have shown me how to use.


Your angel will cover his eyes with his wings until you leave those places. After repenting for watching, reading or owning any of those items, pray and break the power of the enemy off you and your home. There is also a link to KatKerr. We are pleased to present our newly upgraded website which has been transformed to introduce you to a new way of living, Heaven Culture. Be Holy even as He is Holy if you want to do great things during this time on earth.

One was a thirteen year old boy who had lived his whole life in very abusive foster homes. The enemy hates it when you worship God as he feels all worship should go to him. Newer Post Older Post Home. Thank you loving saviour Jesus.

Because this is a divine event, no demon, neither man, nor government can stop it from coming forth! We must choose Life and not things related to Death and then live your life like you actually believe Heaven is watching. Hearing your messages have helped me soooo very much and brought a tremendous amount of healing to both of us, and still does. Here is the explanation I was given.

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Many do it out of spite or hate against another, to purposely bring them suffering to punish them. They loved him and prayed for him, but he did not ever recover from the mental and emotional torture he had experienced. It changed their lives when I revealed what the Father had allowed me to observe him doing in Heaven. Even if there are wars and even some disasters it will not prevent God from coming and showing up and showing off in His people! In other words, all those individuals would go to Heaven!

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Due to the large number of questions sent to Kat we regret that she is no longer available to provide individual answers. It also requires meditating on the Word of God so that your mind is renewed. He was in his father's amazing mountain home and enjoying many of the things they always did together.

May God bless you for your boldness and kindness. This subject is the most talked about thing in Heaven- The Invasion of earth. His family, also Believers, had been told by many unfortunately from the religious group that he had gone to hell! He does not have plans to go bankrupt in Heaven, nor is he concerned about the grim predictions of man.