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If checked, this field allows more than one rule with the same name and class to be present in the system. Other rules, such as Rule-Method, do not have the Use class-based inheritance box checked. If Find by Name Pattern First? If the rule is not present in that class, Process Commander will search other classes, based on specific procedures. It is possible for Rules to have this box checked and not have the Use classbased inheritance to arrive at the correct rule to execute box checked, as they operate independently.

Popular in Areas Of Computer Science. Allow multiple versions with the same key values Rule Resolution This is the most important choice for Rule Resolution, as it enables or disables the functionality. It may contain trade secrets and proprietary information.

When classes are defined, different features are enabled which affect inheritance and rule resolution. They are included as an exercise, to show the effect of turning off pattern inheritance, which is not recommended. Therefore, if this box is checked, Rule Resolution will be used to open instances of this class.

For example, Declarative rules may not use Circumstances, and this feature is missing from those rules. This document is current as of the date of publication only. This document is not an in-depth exploration of Rule Resolution itself, but an explanation of how the concept of class inheritance is used in a Process Commander system to facilitate Rule Resolution. If the Allow multiple versions with the same key values box is not checked, then this choice is not valid.

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Other brand or product names are trademarks of their respective holders. However, if Find by Name Pattern First?

There are several paths that rule resolution for this Activity could take, depending upon what inheritance options are chosen. Find by name first Pattern determines pattern inheritance. For almost every class, Pattern inheritance should remain enabled checked. Additional Inheritance Examples These examples are less likely to be seen in Process Commander applications.

Developers who are creating classes should be very careful whether they create the class with a dash on the end or not. The exercise system for this course is no longer available, although the exercises are still in the course. Pattern inheritance is always checked first. In the above example, the activity DisplayFlowAction is defined on the class Work-. If this kind of circular inheritance does happen, however, the system knows to go through a class only once.

This section describes the paradigm used to search the class hierarchy during rule resolution. Choose Your Format Need help choosing the best format? When this box is checked, the following Rule qualifiers will be enabled i. Directed defaulted Pattern.

When a particular activity or property or other such rule is called during processing, the application will search for that rule in the class where it was called. Declarative rules also may not use Date Ranges.

If a match is not found, the first directed inheritance link is followed, and then pattern inheritance is used again, until the system finds an appropriate match. Use class-based inheritance to arrive at the correct rule to execute This field defines how inheritance through the class hierarchy affects this rule. Directed inheritance classes do not have to have the same name as the current class. Directed Inheritance Directed inheritance allows the user to specify or direct from what classes the current class may inherit. This link will be followed after all the classes were checked using pattern inheritance, even though it is not at the bottom of the pattern chain.

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In the first scenario, the system is looking for the Activity Display and may find it in the Work- class. The ability of a particular rule type Activity, etc. This option is only available for classes which start with Rule-, and as such, should not be changed.

Basic application development knowledge. Allow selection of rules based on property values Circumstance Qualified This checkbox allows the rule to be Circumstance-qualified.

This link will be followed after all the classes were checked using pattern inheritance. This field holds the immediate parent, by directed inheritance, to use for this class. If this box is not checked, Circumstances and Circumstance Dates may not be used with this rule. There are a number of different inheritance paths that could be followed through this system, based on what settings are chosen in each class. Allow rules that are only valid for a certain period of time Date Range Availability This checkbox allows the rule to be qualified by a Date Range.

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This course is for decision makers who are responsible for determining efficiency improvements for complex business problems. If this box is checked, then when the system is searching for a particular rule defined on this class, it will use pattern inheritance to search through all the classes linked in the hierarchy.

You can review the exercises to gain additional knowledge. Note that pattern inheritance will cause the system to search all the way through the class pattern hierarchy before checking directed inheritance. Inheritance For rules such as activities which are defined on classes, inheritance applies. Thus, an instance of the class Work-Cover-GeneralTask will not only be able to use the activities, properties, etc.

Directed inheritance is evaluated on a class-by-class basis, and only one link is followed at a time. Changes in the document may be made from time to time at the discretion of Pegasystems. Through dynamic rule selection, Process Commander provides flexibility that is otherwise impossible except with the alternative of applying rules specified in code. Rule Instances of this Class Class Inheritance described in a later section of this document. This section of the class form enables rule resolution for the rule.

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The different checkboxes control different functionality for resoution. By default, all base classes Work-, Data-, etc. Although Find by Name Pattern First?

Rule resolution is the process used to identify which rules are applied to a specific business decision. If the required version of Display is defined on Work-, the system may not find that version. Therefore, the first directed link goes to Work-. Prerequisites Knowledge of the business processes, best practices, and policies in use at your company. Rule Resolution will search for the activity Display, and choose the Display which is defined on the class closest in the inheritance path to the one that is being requested.

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Related Searches The inheritance Pega prpc Pega. This document remains the property of Pegasystems and must be returned to it upon request. This document may include references to Pegasystems product features that have not been licensed by your company. Note that directed inheritance always applies, adobe pdf reader light whether pattern inheritance is enabled or not. Details on the functionality enabled by this checkbox are in the next section.

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