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Relative coordi- nates at the beginning of a list relate to the origin, i. For example, universal remote pdf you obviously begin a document before ending it. If the text is longer than the path it will always begin at startoffset. Subsequent pages in the range will be num- bered sequentially starting with this value. If this option is not speci- fied the page will be inserted at the end of the group.

Lists contain one or more separated values, which may be simple values or list values in turn. Calling a function outside of the allowed scopes results in an exception. This option does not change the number of pix- els in the image downsampling.

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The array will grow as necessary to include all ele- ments in the specified list. The limit is specified in user coordinates or as a percentage of the height of the fit- box. Single bytes can be expressed by an escape sequence if the option escapesequence is set. All table decorations will be subject to the supplied graphics state. Options of type option list contain one or more subordinate options.

Images, however, can only be used if the fonts colorized option is true, or if the image has been opened with the mask option. After returning from this function the text state is un- changed. Each Unicode value can be supplied only for one glyph description. The rectangle in which the object box will be placed is called the fitbox. The font can be used until the end of the current document scope.

The first character in each pair will be replaced with the second character. Otherwise, the value returned by this function can be used as font handle when calling other font-related functions.

Solutions Learn More Through Courses. If the second element is missing, it defaults to all. This will override any values found in the font, and is especially useful if the font does not contain any such information e. Returns A table handle which can be used in subsequent table-related calls. Setting readfeatures to false can save memory if shaping is not required.

The default height can be specified as an absolute value or as a keyword. Use the avoiddemostamp option to make sure that missing license keys will not accidentally result in a demo stamp. Not obey- ing to this rule will most likely result in a crash.

If the font doesnt contain any glyph for the specified Unicode character, the behavior of auto will be applied. If this op- tion is false, the whitespace is processed like regular text, i. Unix is a trademark of The Open Group. The slightly reduces output file size, but may create incor- rect text rendering for certain characters.

The box doesnt contain any text at all after processing. Options of type list of option lists contain one or more nested option lists.

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The filename parameter will be ignored. Multiple calls add new entries to the internal list. The calculated rotation will be added to the rotation defined by the orientate option.

If fitmethod is different from auto, the cell will be enlarged appropriately if necessary. Nested macros will be expanded without any nesting limit. If a single value is supplied it is used for both dimensions.

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The page name will be displayed as a page label instead of the page number in Acrobats status line. If the table had to be shrunk the value will specify the deviation from the width of the fitbox i. If no tabalign- char is found, right alignment will be used instead. Percentages are based on fontsize. For example, an option which ex- pects an image handle must not be supplied with a graphics handle, although both han- dles are integer types.

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The char- spacing parameter is taken into account after the last glyph. In order to spread characters apart use positive values for horizontal writing mode, and nega- tive values for vertical writing mode.

Unicode and the Unicode logo are trademarks of Unicode, Inc. The graphics state af- fects all text placed with this function. Details The container will be deleted and can no longer be used.