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2. Unique Baby Shower Games

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To check that out, go here. The host will need to be the scorekeeper.

Download, and print enough copies for your guests. The first person to complete the scramble wins the prize. This game will also require a printout for each participant. Available in pink, blue or neutral. The same rules are followed, as with regular jeopardy.

20 Printable Baby Shower Games That Are Fun To Play

This game too will require a bit of preparation. Blueberry Brie Grilled Cheese Sandwich. It is as old as the hills. Guests get to guess the gender, birth weight, etc.

Mom-to-be or the host starts reading the instructions from the free printable baby shower games. You will find ideas on decorating the clothespins and framing the poem too. Yet another classic baby shower game. On the day of the shower, bring out all the containers and display them.

Put the tags in an envelope, to reference them later. All you need to do is include raffle tickets in their invitations. The person who has the most correct answers, wins. This is a wonderful baby shower game for people who know their music.

Preprinted cards are given to the guests. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. All you will need are the printouts, pencils for the guests, and a timer. You are planning a baby shower and there will be games to play. They have to fill in their wishes for the new baby.

This easy baby shower game can be played in large or intimate groups. The person with the most correct guesses, wins. Please read my disclosure for more information. Having a book themed baby shower?

Interested in nursery rhyme or book-related baby shower games? You can find just about anything online!

20 Printable Baby Shower Games That Are Fun To Play Tip Junkie

New Mom Approved Cute Free Printable Baby Shower Games

Choose a variety of different things with different prices, like wipes, bibs, baby food, nail clippers, diaper rash cream, tlo62 datasheet pdf etc. They can be handed out at the shower as you exchange the diapers.

If enough people start asking for the same theme, that will be our queue to start creating it. Are you hosting a baby shower for someone who is having a girl?

Simply download and print this booklet from Tip Junkie to plan your shower games. For more detailed information about how the Baby Shower Candy Game works, check out this sweet post. Hosting or planning a baby shower takes a lot of work.

Baby jeopardy is almost exactly like jeopardy on tv. When a match is made, the person gets the corresponding candy. This is an easy baby shower game. Feel free to check it out, for more details. Does the new mom need diapers?

Guess the baby food game

Print out a sheet for everyone, and have them complete it. The guests need to guess what the title of the song is, and who sings it. The free printable includes the answer sheet for the host, as well as the games for the guests. This is a fun, easy game that uses nursery rhymes that are very well known.

Love that you have all these games for a girl baby shower in the same theme. Delightful free printable baby shower games to play and entertain your guests while you host a party to celebrate the arrival of a new baby boy or girl.

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Guess the baby food game