Pavement Quality Concrete Pdf

Pavement quality concrete pdf

Dowel bar shall be painted with corrosive paint and covered by a thin plastic sheath for a minimum length of mm from one end. Joints Both transverse and longitudinal joints have been discussed here. Screed, to spread the concrete to required dimensions and initial compaction of concrete.


Both will liaise with Engineer.

These will be kept continuously moist by sprinkling water as per specification. Compaction shall be carried out immediately after the material is laid and leveled. The saw machine having sufficient no. Initial compaction during laying of concrete will be achieved by the tamping bars of the screed. The groove shall be cut after final set of concrete.

Water for mixing and curing of concrete shall be clean and free from oil, salt, acid, vegetable matter or other substances harmful to concrete. The temperature development in the concrete slab during hardening will be recorded. Joint cutting machine, how to read ecg graph pdf to provide the joints to required dimensions in concrete.

Batched and mixed at the batching plant. Transverse joints are further classified as contraction joints, expansion joints and construction joints. Water from approved Bore well near batching plant will be used. Separation membrane shall be impermeable plastic sheeting microns thick. Tie bars will be used in longitudinal joints.

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The statement subject to the clients approval will be used as a guide by the field staff, engineers etc. All data retrieved from the trial stretches i.

No steel bar of the cradle assembly shall be continuous across the joint. Sealing the joints After the grooves are widened to the required widths and depths, joints will be sealed with polysulphide sealants. Space around the dowel bar, between the lower concrete layer and the filler board is packed with a suitable compressible material to block the flow of cement slurry. The concrete from batching plant shall be transported in transit mixers to the work spot. In hot whether precautionary measure shall be taken to maintain the temperature of concrete below C at the paving site.

Pavement quality concrete pdfPavement quality concrete pdfPavement quality concrete pdf

In case of rains during concreting using tarpaulin sheets shall adequately protect all the freshly laid concrete, which had not been covered for. All the Records shall be properly controlled and maintained in easily identifiable and traceable manner. Concrete shall be dumped to position in front of screed. Curing with thick hessian cloth will be done immediately after the joints are cut.

Needle vibrators for compaction of concrete. Trial will be carried out over two days with a minimum of meter stretch each day and all longitudinal and transverse joints will be constructed as per the approved drawing. The groove will then be dried.

If the damages are limited to textures only, it shall be re textured in consultation with the Engineer. Before laying this course, the disturbed sub base layer is corrected by leveling, watering and compacting.

Transit mixer of required capacity to carry the concrete from batching plant to work spot. Ulises Quintana Carhuancho. In both cases a pair of masons behind the screed take care of any irregularities etc.

Pavement quality concrete pdfPavement quality concrete pdf

Popular in Building Engineering. In order to ensure thorough compaction, needle vibrators will be used on the full width of the lane till there is no further visible movement.

The trial paving will be carried out on the road alignment under the supervision of the Engineer. This submittal pertains to methodology adopted by H. All the joints shall be made in accordance with approved drawing. Curing Immediately after surface texturing, the surface and sides of the slab shall be cured by the application of approved curing compound with the help of a manual sprayer. Where overlap is required it shall be of mm minimum.