Nabl 131 Pdf

201210170523-NABL-131-doc.pdfNabl 131 pdf

Wrong representation of scope of accreditation. Laboratory shall close all the non conformities raised during the assessment within two months. Access to those documents that provide insight into the level of independence and impartiality to the laboratory from its related bodies, plane trigonometry sl loney pdf if applicable.

The laboratory shall have a valid legal identity. Access to all records pertaining to relevant personnel. Witnessing the activities being performed relevant to accreditation. Investigating any complaints against the laboratory.

Non-payment of accreditation expenses like assessment or surveillance or re-assessment charges and annual accreditation fees. The laboratory shall meet the requirements of regulators in relevant field. Implementation of the Global Magnitsky Act.

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Nabl 131 pdf

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Access to all relevant information and documentation. Access to all records and relevant personnel. Misleading reporting of facts. The laboratory shall advise its clients at the time of contract review about the intended sub-contracting. Center for the Advancement of Public Integrity.

Nabl 131 pdf


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The laboratory shall part with all available information related to proficiency testing to the assessors at the time of surveillance and re-assessment. The laboratory shall identify and define various activities which they are involved in, and ensure that it does not lead to any potential conflict of interest. Access to all testing and calibration areas. Access of all relevant information and documentation.