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It could be a life changer. He addresses the need to forgive others and even more powerfully, the need to forgive oneself. The art of forgiveness is something that is required of everyone at some point in their life, yet this seems to be a very difficult thing for most people to do. This book revealed so much helpful information of forgiving and moving forward with my life. Offences come in petty and gigantic life alteration displayed by our actions, words, and unspoken expectations.

Let it Go Forgive So You Can Be Forgiven by T.D. Jakes

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Once you have accepted his mercy, then you can extend that same forgiveness to other people who have betrayed you. If we would let the bitterness go we would be a new person, a better spouse, a better employee, church member, pastor, and friend! Forgive so you can be forgiven I like this book because it gives a lot of details of forgiveness that happen in our daily life and it changes my perspective.

Overall, a highly recommended audio book for purchase by individuals and institutions. But I'll definitely read one of his other books. Don't just forgive that person, but forgive yourself if you treated this person unfairly. You have to say I can or will do something and just go for it. Everything in between could've been cut out.

They are the insulator, isolator, the inhibitor, and the bully. Let It Go is written to provide enormous benefits to readers who are having trouble with forgiving offences. But conflicts can be resolved and relationships do have a future, if we learn how to forgive.

This book came to me at the perfect time in my life. You don't have to remain stuck as a chicken and living at less than percent of your true free self.

What a powerful read from a true and gifted spiritual leader. Crosby rated it really liked it. This book could have delivered the same message in about a half of the pages.

This book is wrote as a how to forgive, how to move forward, and how the effects of unforgiveness can be deadly. Part of my negativity is probably due to the premiss around how I got the book in the first place.

Of course, Bishop Jakes breaks down every thought to its biblical foundation. Bishop Jakes described that most people haven't showed others the percent of themselves. Bishop Jakes doesn't hold back, you better brace yourself and be open and willing to deal with the issues and roots! Ultimately it was worth reading, softango extensions pdf since in my estimation books like this are worth it if they can impart even one technique for improving yourself.

No surprise either that Let it Go is an uplifting look at life, forgiveness, and the human condition. You need to learn to forgive that person and keep moving forward.

Let It Go Book

We may think those around us aren't suffering from our bitterness and hurt. God gets me mercy every day and I need to give them mercy. He possesses keen insight into the human condition and discusses the nuances of resentment and forgiveness with eloquence, sensitivity and humor.

Two really exceptional chapters on rebuilding trust and the recovery rate. While there are definitely nuggets of useful insight to ponder, I couldn't help but notice some padding. It's hard sometimes to forgive someone, but it's just something that you have to do.

It was a great read, at times I felt he was speaking directly to me after peeking in my window. Just because I'm right, it doesn't mean I have to fight.

You have to stop thinking negative and about what you could have or should have done. We often fail to comprehend that you can't be in relationships that won't produce some conflict along the way. But we rarely think about forgiving that person for what they have done to us. For those who need to forgive and those who need to be forgiven. Jakes and had high expectations for this book.

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It was a two week library book. Why do we stay in the past?

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Jakes focuses on how liberating forgiveness can be for yourself and how the only person you are really hurting when you don't forgive is yourself. He understands that he and fellow Christians share spiritual tru T.

Breath taking in its power and simplicity. But who am I do inflict the same pain they put me through. It's extremely vital you love and forgive the person he created! But he delivers his message in a way that's understandable, sympathetic, at times refreshingly self-effacing, and completely palatable.

Still, as a non-Christian listener, the message didn't detract from the overall message of the book, which I would most definitely listen to again. This book truly articulates what it means to do the hardest thing for most and the why.

An Eagle living at percent captivity can be achieved for any man or woman who is willing to forgive and rise above the adversities that we encounter! This book proved to me that I was an isolator and that I would withdraw in conflict and pain. Reading this book took me on an emotional journey of enlightenment, laughter, offense, anger, sadness and relief.

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