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Once started, artificial respiration should be continued rhythmically. Left-click to select a route file previously made.

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Next waypoint is being selected Drop-down list shows the selectable waypoints manually. Contact our head office, or a nearby branch or local office to request servicing. If an alarm occurs, the alarm panel will blink in red and a sound will be Sailing start heard. The speed knot and time can be input. Set heading Drift Actual route that is expected c Dead Band When dead band is set, a stable course is maintained.

Type Specific Training

Type Specific Training

User Map Edit mode and Manual Update mode. To select any waypoint, computer basic course book pdf manually select the waypoint.

As shown in the table below, a time period for judging a target as lost varies depending on the class of receive data and the target status. Attention of the own ship position offset function Do not use the offset function during navigation The position of ship displayed on the screen is shifted from the real one, and may cause accidents.

If this function is effective, Chart Name is displayed upper right in the chart index. This section also describes how to merge user map and how to import user map files. Displays average speed to arrive at the destined waypoint. You will see that, during creating alternate route, the alternate route is displayed together with the original route. The menu title bar appears when this equipment enters the menu mode.

The following shows the way how to make a route using the buttons on the screens. Collision prevention radar.

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The objects of the updating chart will be superimposed on the original chart and show in red. Left-click a menu item you want. And dangerous objected is emphasized in black color.

Note that the route file extension shows the route type. Left-click to divide the leg.

Data can be backed up to the following devices. Confirm, or contact with your chart wrong.

Then, adjust Heading echo to Bearing. Page The propeller pitch angle, rotational speed and output are displayed. Also, how to recover the system in case of hung up is explained. Menu Title Bar When the cursor is moved on the top of screen, the menu title bar opens. Left-click when saving the route file currently made.

At the same time, the detailed description of the alarm is displayed in the message box at the bottom of the chart display area. You can put a highlight area at any position for your reference. If you find any skin problem afterwards, consult a doctor immediately. The following screen is displayed.

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When left-clicked, the cross cursor changes to the lens cursor. The selected object may be displayed at the bottom part of the object selection panel. Plan course, actual heading azimuth of own ship are displayed. Troubleshooting If the unit is not working properly, check the following points and carry out the appropriate repair before you ask for repair.

Operation is applied to the line which displayed a menu. These voltages are totally harmless in most operations. The alarm occurs and it is not acknowledged yet. Depending on the cursor type when right-clicking, one of the following menus will be displayed. Adjusting the position of the ship.

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Sets the border range to shift the chart when ship reaches it. By displaying a maneuver curve that has been drawn safely, the maneuver curve can be used as a target when turning. Either a or b will be displayed at the primary position on the chart.

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You can divide the chart screen into two sections in which the same charts or different chart not different geodetic system can be displayed in various ways. Then, the S updating chart will be displayed on the chart. In the following cases, the route is continued after change to Graphic Editor mode. Ship bow possible to offset by cursor. The mode switches over by clicking this button.