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This Statement does not address the principles relating to reasonable modifications. May also include loans for business start-ups, grants for publicly-owned infrastructure, and loans or grants for small business incubators.

Community Development Block Program (CDBG)

If an alternative accommodation would effectively meet the requester's disability-related needs and is reasonable, the provider must grant it. However, litigation can be an expensive, time-consuming, and uncertain process for all parties. Any person or entity engaging in prohibited conduct - i. Why is Affordable Housing so Important?

Although a reasonable accommodation request can be made orally or in writing, it is usually helpful for both the resident and the housing provider if the request is made in writing. There is more work to do on the transition plan and the Minister of Housing and Urban Development will report to Cabinet early next year with details.

This Statement provides technical assistance regarding the rights and obligations of persons with disabilities and housing providers under the Act relating to reasonable accommodations. However, the provider may not ask applicants if they have other types of physical or mental impairments.

In most cases, an individual's medical records or detailed information about the nature of a person's disability is not necessary for this inquiry. An applicant or resident is not entitled to receive a reasonable accommodation unless she requests one. However, the Fair Housing Act does not require that a request be made in a particular manner or at a particular time. In such a circumstance, the provider should discuss with the individual if she is willing to accept the alternative accommodation.

Colonia Housing, including single- and multi-family rehabilitation, rental housing acquisition or homeownership assistance, pindyck and rubinfeld econometrics pdf and activities that support new housing construction. The reasonable accommodation requirements of the Fair Housing Act also do not apply to owner-occupied buildings that have four or fewer dwelling units. Native American Housing and housing-related activities. View a copy of the application and instructions to apply for the federal Community Development Block Grants program.

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Consultation closed in May with submissions received. Cabinet papers and related documents. Community Facilities Includes day care centers, domestic violence shelters, food banks, community centers, medical and dental facilities, and fire stations. Although Section imposes greater obligations than the Fair Housing Act, e.

Affordable Housing Sales and Rental Pricing

The Housing Director is liaison to town government, the Town of Southampton Housing Authority, and to private development in planning and in planning and development of affordable housing. Urban Development Authorities consultation.

The department manages the town inventory of affordable housing, both rental and ownership, and the lotteries that dispense that housing. The tenant requests that the housing provider send a maintenance staff person to his apartment on a daily basis to collect his trash and take it to the dumpster. The housing provider may not require the applicant to document the existence of her vision impairment. Accordingly, the requested accommodation may not be reasonable.

After consulting with James X, the attorney responds that James X is unwilling to receive counseling or submit to any type of periodic monitoring to ensure that he takes his prescribed medication. Housing providers may not require persons with disabilities to pay extra fees or deposits as a condition of receiving a reasonable accommodation. This will help prevent misunderstandings regarding what is being requested, or whether the request was made. There are available parking spaces near the entrance to her unit that are accessible, but those spaces are available to all residents on a first come, first served basis. May a housing provider charge an extra fee or require an additional deposit from applicants or residents with disabilities as a condition of granting a reasonable accommodation?

Community Development Block Program (CDBG)

No, juvenile offenders and sex offenders, by virtue of that status, are not persons with disabilities protected by the Act. Once established, the Authority will be responsible for leading urban development projects, both large and small, and managing public housing. What is Affordable Housing?

The Housing Director oversees monitoring and compliance for sales and rentals of Community Benefit units and maintains the Affordable Housing Registry. Grants can vary based on annual allocations and activity limits. This process is currently under development as part of the Advisory Committee Charter review and development.

If a disability is not obvious, what kinds of information may a housing provider request from the person with a disability in support of a requested accommodation? The provider may ask applicants for information needed to determine if they have a mental disability that would qualify them for the housing. Because of her disability, she requests that she be permitted to have a friend mail her rent payment to the rental office as a reasonable accommodation. This includes managing tenancies, building, upgrading, and repairing public housing. What happens if providing a requested accommodation involves some costs on the part of the housing provider?

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Meeting Agendas and Minutes. James X, a tenant at the Shady Oaks apartment complex, is arrested for threatening his neighbor while brandishing a baseball bat. The rental manager may go forward with the eviction proceeding, since James X continues to pose a direct threat to the health or safety of other residents. What if a housing provider fails to act promptly on a reasonable accommodation request?

The manager of the apartment complex knows that Cambridge House is a group home for women receiving treatment for alcoholism. What happens if no agreement can be reached through the interactive process? How can a housing provider determine if an individual poses a direct threat? He asks his housing provider to transport him to the grocery store and assist him with his grocery shopping as a reasonable accommodation to his disability. In some instances, a provider may also request certain information about an applicant's or a resident's disability if the applicant or resident requests a reasonable accommodation.

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In addition, a request for a reasonable accommodation may be denied if providing the accommodation is not reasonable - i. To show that a requested accommodation may be necessary, there must be an identifiable relationship, or nexus, between the requested accommodation and the individual's disability. As a result of a disability, a tenant is physically unable to open the dumpster placed in the parking lot by his housing provider for trash collection. In such a situation, the provider may request that the individual document how the circumstances have changed so that he no longer poses a direct threat.

The housing provider must have reliable, objective evidence that a person with a disability poses a direct threat before excluding him from housing on that basis. The Act does not require that a housing provider adopt any formal procedures for reasonable accommodation requests. What types of discrimination against persons with disabilities does the Act prohibit? Who must comply with the Fair Housing Act's reasonable accommodation requirements? The provider may ask applicants if they have a disability and if, in light of their disability, they will benefit from the features of the units.

May include loans or loan guarantees to businesses for construction, on-site improvements, equipment purchase, working capital, and site acquisition. However, the manager could have checked this applicant's references to the same extent and in the same manner as he would have checked any other applicant's references. Over-the-Counter Grants for the creation or retention of jobs for low-income workers. What kinds of information, if any, may a housing provider request from a person with an obvious or known disability who is requesting a reasonable accommodation? Since the physical disability i.

However, in this circumstance, the provider may not ask applicants if they have other types of physical or mental impairments. The provider would prefer that the tenant make the accommodation request on a pre-printed form, but the tenant fails to complete the form.

Training and Technical Assistance. Must a housing provider adopt formal procedures for processing requests for a reasonable accommodation? Are there any instances when a provider can deny a request for a reasonable accommodation without violating the Act? Create an Account - Increase your productivity, customize your experience, and engage in information you care about.