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The conciseness is welcomed, but initially lacks depth in exploring topics in greater detail, particularly in the introductory chapter. The book does a good job or presenting essential vocabulary in a clear manner. Published in association with the Ross Institute. The version of the textbook I evaluated was very consistent in the delivery and format of the material presented. The textbook is very clear and does an excellent job of explaining key vocabulary, especially for students new to topics related to geography.


The text follows an approach which allows the instructor to add material as needed. Variations in sentence length and the use of common vernacular makes the text easily understandable. Ha-Joon Chang evaluates the role of the state in economics and development. The text is culturally relevant and unbiased without offensive material to multiple races, ethnicities, or backgrounds. The textbook is very easy to read.

Greg Buckman argues there are two broad approaches within the anti-globalization movement. Globalization - the growing integration of economies and societies around the world, django tutorial for beginners pdf is a complex process. Economic globalization has never been an inevitable part of human history. It is a very useful open source textbook.

The maps and illustrations were well chosen. It is less successful at presenting new themes, currents, and debates within cultural geography. The book includes review questions, but there is no glossary or index. The textbook integrates cross curriculum topics such as politics and economics and their relationship to geography which helps readers tie concepts together and understand interrelationships. Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.

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The clarity is one of the strong points of the book. The book is extremely straightforward.

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The subheadings also make this book more easy to read. The time has come for geographers to take a stand on the issues we study. The book is not offensive in any way, but certain aspects could be viewed as culturally insensitive. The focus of this research is the impact of economic integration on developing countries and especially the poor people living in these countries.

Basic spatial concepts are also tracked throughout the text to connect ideas and apply concepts to every region of the world. Because of the need for space on a screen-page for a chart or map to fit, sometimes the title is on one page, and the object shows up on the next page. Students I work with frequently may feel confident as readers in general, but lack confidence in reading science specific topics.

The overall layout of the book is logical. Using the html book allows a user to access each chapter and subsets of each chapter, on top of the ability to search for specific text within the web pages. Regions are introduced using standard geographic factors such as the Koppen climate typology, geology, and the affects of weather. Use the html version, or manually reformat the pdf or docx version to mimic the functionality of the html web-interface, which is good. He mounts a sophisticated theoretical and historical case for the continuing essential and constructive roles which the state can and must play in economic development.

However, in relevant chapters themes are expanded upon in greater detail. The text is very consistent in what is described for each region as well as perspectives that are taken.


The organization of the chapters begins with key concepts and builds from there. This open textbook resource should be seriously considered by instructors looking to reduce student costs and contributing to open access learning. Some college texts use complex sentences which are difficult for underclass readers. However, the material was excellent, just not ordered correctly.

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Once you figure this out, you know to keep scrolling to find what you're looking for. This book approaches each region in a well-organized, comprehensive way. See for yourself and take a look at the book today!

For example, in North America, the author talks about minority populations and religion, but doesn't discuss energy resources or politics. The book does make short term predictions about political and economic trends that would be outdated in a short time. This textbook did that job very well in a brief and concise manner.

The textbook is consistent with terminology and framework. The geographic concepts and terminology are well explained and consistent throughout the textbook, making it easier for students to follow.

The textbook is well organized in terms of chapters and subsections within the chapter aiding in the easy navigation of the textbook online. Whether economic integration supports poverty reduction and how it can do so more effectively are key questions asked. Understanding one concept can assist a reader in learning about another concept and how they apply to different geographic regions. Its treatment of such issues is current and up-to-date, but broad enough that the book will remain relevant in the short term to medium. The first unit covers the basic concepts of location, the environment, and global economic dynamics.

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And each lesson begins with learning objectives and ends with key takeaways to stimulate critical thinking about each topic or region. While it has some limitations in terms of the interface and constant need for updating for current events, these should be easily overcome by minimal instructor additions.

There is a mixture of data that creates a a complete look at population, economics, etc. One last item concerns the choice of what to cover. This approach attempts to give specifics, but some countries only get lines- not really enough information to know about a country. The discussion, study questions, and activities at the end of each chapter are helpful in tying key concepts together for students.