Elements Of Marketing Process Pdf

Then it is no use because people of there are not using those types of clothes. To get a better competitive advantage company should focused on research because research helps in to give better knowledge about customer and competitor. For their new clothing range Sainsbury should follow exclusive distribution strategy. Ronald Daniel I aim at providing the best academic writing servi Hire Me.

But when they expand their business in international market they are aware about the all political and legal framework they make marketing strategies accordingly. It is the receiver who tries to understand the message in the best possible manner in achieving the desired objectives. So position this range in people mind they have to follow different strategies. In this step after segmenting the market that segment is selected which company wants to target. The person who is interested in communicating has to choose the channel for sending the required information, ideas etc.

In this season, to know the difference between profitable and non-profitable year various marketing strategies has been adopted by Sainsbury so more customer attracted towards the company. The promotional strategies focus on strategies where to tell about its products to consumers business can use provide information to consumers. International market gives international exposure to the company. For example if they are promoting their trendy clothing style ion cities such as South Africa, Korea.

To achieve marketing objectives integrated strategies are required by companies. Marketing is done by creating the positive image of company in customer mind and communicating a positive brand message. From the above report, software engineering spiral model pdf it can be concluded that to stay in the competitive market marketing principles are vital for business.

At using right place right product through right promotion and right price they can sell the product. The youth is another segment which they are target their buying behaviour is highly influencing because they follow trend, fashion.

In different locations according to the income level of the customers Sainsbury has tailored its prices. To exist in competitive market it is important to maintain relation with supplier and maximized bargaining power. Introduction Sales development is linked with the ways employed by organization in order to enhance its sales volume in the market. They are developing the products as per the age of the segment.

The only purpose of targeting is to find that customer group which they want to serve. Sainsbury operations and business decisions are affects by many macro and micro environmental factors.

Elements of marketing process pdf

Feedback is the process of ensuring that the receiver has received the message and understood in the same sense as sender meant it. The communication process is dynamic in nature rather than a static phenomenon. Segmentation is a process where large groups are divided into small units according to similar characteristics. Competitive advantage helps company to maintain and improve the competitive position of the company in the market. For example, Sainsbury want to position its health food in market.

In marketing mix price is the most vital components. If they segment the market according to location then they should follow marketing mix strategy accordingly. The business of the company has to fight with many risks and challenges due to which the performance and operation of the company will obstruct. Receiver is the person who receives the message or for whom the message is meant for.

Elements of marketing process pdf

In this marketing main focus of companies are on the products advantage and benefits. Every company wants to manage the sustainable competitive advantage. Market orientation refers to business reacts according to customer needs rather than what they want to serve customers.

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With the help of segmentation equally treat the customers who have homogeneous needs they should segment. So position them they have to firstly clear the benefits provided by this product such as Sainsbury is offering the new clothing range for all age groups.

After market segmentation target strategy has been formulated by company to target on selected segment. Executive Summary The expanding force of competition in global markets is a test confronting organizations at all phases of involvement in global markets. Social factor which influence the customers buying decision are cultural values, traditions, customs and the recommendations from friends and family. To remain competitive in this market it is not easy to understand customers thinking, behaviour, and purchasing decisions every time.

Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Marketing mix includes product, price, place and promotion. Sales and marketing share is increased by Sainsbury because they are bearing business development cost like online ordering etc. As to give value of products to its customers and achieve the short term sales they focus on value based pricing to better position.

Elements of marketing process pdfElements of marketing process pdf

Elements of Marketing Process

So it is important to use right marketing mix at right place. The micro environmental factors which affect the Sainsbury operations are consumers, suppliers, employees, substitute products impacts. To generate high revenue and attract more new customers Sainsbury considered the Christmas and New Year as its peak time.

Since the subject matter of communication is theoretical and intangible, its further passing requires use of certain symbols such as words, actions or pictures etc. The strategy which is selected it should consider organization goals and market situation.

Elements of marketing process pdf

Factors which are included in macro environmental factors are legal, Social, cultural, political, economical, and technological forces. The advertisement strategy is integrating combination of price and place. It explains the how product and brand will be viewed by people. Pricing strategy which is followed by companies is competitive pricing, cost based pricing, value pricing, anti competitive pricing strategies.

This information is transmitted to the receiver through certain channels which may be either formal or informal. Companies are conducting many type of marketing research in order to identify the changes in the needs and expectation of customers. In market orientation they are serving product according to customer need so there has chances that product will survive longer and make higher products. According to age wise they are providing clothes, food, drinks. Introduction Marketing is considered as one of the most critical aspects for the success of every organization.

So it is essential that good organizational culture create so employees will work in better way. According to the need and demands of the customers the market growth of the company is dependent. In order to stay competitive in the market this strategy is directing the company. Targeting strategies are niche marketing, differentiated marketing, and undifferentiated marketing strategy.

In this company advertise its product tell about the price and the location where this product can find. Before targeting regarding the segments the relevant information must be collected. Personal selling strategy is integration of promotion and price strategy because in this salespeople is trying to sell their product on price basis. The person who intends to convey the message with the intention of passing information and ideas to others is known as sender or communicator.