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Over the long haul, the Tom must be Respectful, Affectionate, and Romantic. Change your ways and look at what you have to win! Why does a woman choose to stay with one man versus another over the long-term?

The Bottom Line Factor says that if she breaks the date, she is not interested in Tom. The higher her interest level, the more fun you will have. Do not talk about other women, except Mom. She has low Interest Level.

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Keep it light and funny always no religion, no politics, no sex, no negatives, no putdowns. Because he is too happy to be there.

The name Doc Love does not appear on the package. If she loves a Challenge, new york metro pdf then be a Challenge. In fact he is the Number One Love Doctor on the Internet with over relationship sites carrying his weekly love column.


Doc Love s The System

The Reality Factor says he has nothing to worry about. Two compliments maximum per date.

Doc Love - Dating Advice For Men

One day a fellow dormie wore a big brown army helmet around the dormitory. Don't bear your soul, seek approval, or talk about the future. Why does a woman choose to stay with one man versus another? She has to know where the line is drawn where you will walk without you telling her. Unfortunately, the man usually projects his Interest Level, overrates her Interest Level, and never looks at how he is treated.

Then she can ask you to marry her or hint for you to ask. The Reality Factor states that her Interest Level is built on her respecting you. Most men would be afraid of using Challenge out of fear that the woman would get the impression that you don't like her. Control is not controlling the woman, so you Feministas can stop hyperventilating. Why do you like one guy more than another?

Four years later, while my best friend and I were talking about our dates from the previous night, we came to the sad conclusion that we never really knew where we stood with the women we dated. Secrets to appearing super confident without bragging. What do you think about his material?

The System - Dating Advice Course For Men

And here is the ironic part, once I started using the word Challenge in my interviewing and questioning, women knew exactly what I was talking about. Why are women usually the rejecters, and not the men? If Tom had thought about it, he would have asked himself how many dates he has broken? My students, in contrast, are objective in relationships, and therefore rarely suffer.

There are three divisions of Patience. As you read the following rules for promoting Challenge in the first sixty days of the relationship, listen closely to your emotional responses. What if women responded to Challenge in a relationship, but didn't know it until it was pointed out to them? He assumes anti-reality her feelings are the same as his and she wants exactly what he wants Fat chance!

Controlling your emotions and yourself. It turned out that his girlfriend had dumped him, and this crown was a symbol of his state of rejection. She is generally unpleasant to be around and open to flirting with other guys. Why do you like your boyfriend so much? What male qualities are you most attracted to?

Call once a week to ask for date - three minutes max on phone. No social networks or instant messaging.

But can you control your emotions? His mission is to keep all good men from ever being confused or facing the most feared emotion, rejection. But if a guy waited, and I was thinking about him, it would have a positive effect on my feelings. Remember that she can't dump you until she knows she has you! It is the lost key to the mating dance.

Women with high Interest Level always keep dates Am I going to fast for you guys? He kept me on my toes, so I married him. Just the thought of this makes most men very uncomfortable.

Move very slow, stop, backup, this raises interest level. The goal is to get and keep her here by practicing the male strength qualities.

The one male trait that will make her do anything for you. On the other hand, Interest Level can only be lowered while you are in her face, doing or saying the wrong things.

Phone coaching is available and may be found at the bottom of the Order Page. As his high Interest Level blinds him, he then becomes subjective, like someone succumbing to either. Challenge is one-third of what turns her on, and keeps her turned on. If she is going after you, she can't be getting rid of you any more that she can sit down and stand up at the same time.

The System is now available in an audio format, too. And, more important, can you keep Ms. On a date do not ask for another date nor accept one. Yes guys, Challenge are what the woman wants!