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Vodka poured over ice with orange and cranberry juices. George Green Chile Vodka St. This recipe makes a large batch so you're ready for the Kentucky Derby or any sultry afternoon. On the guest list for all the best parties comes this deliciously decadent cocktail. The Accomplice cocktail tastes best with an extra brut Champagne.

36 Gin Cocktail & Drink Recipes That Go Beyond Gin & Tonics

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Vodka, coffee liqueur and Irish cream are blended together with ice and chocolate syrup. Enjoy this light delight on Mother's Day, Christmas, or any special occasion. Egg whites are shaken into this gin-based sour, where they take on an airy, velvety texture. You'll see it's just as extraordinary as the gin we create there. This website uses cookies to improve your experience.

Shopping list in progress If you ever run out of ingredients, or you just want to plan the perfect cocktail evening, metodo completo de piano pdf we would like to provide you with a shopping list. The Southside cocktail was named after the Southside gangsters in Prohibition-era Chicago.

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Check existing ingredients in progress We would like to allow you to enter your cocktail ingredients. Recipe courtesy of Lauren Magenta. Gin is the best clear spirit on your bar.

Sparkling Beet Lemonade with or without Booze A fragrant and bright spring cocktail that's just as delicious without the alcohol. With two extra exotic botanicals in the mix, our slow crafted Star of Bombay makes for a smooth, easy sipping Martini cocktail.

Shake, strain into glass, and top with Negra Modelo beer. Elizabeth Allspice Dram St. Frozen margaritas are made with limeade concentrate, tequila, triple sec, and ice. Try one of these fruity or jalapeno-cucumber versions!

From classic gin cocktails to popular gin mixers, you will find the perfect drink for every taste. An intriguing spiced gin cocktail to warm you up, all winter long.

Fire, ice, festive spice - This citrusy, smoky Bombay Sapphire twist has all the best bits of winter in one bold gin drink. Using Bombay Sapphire East, it's big on citrus and spicy flavours.

Learn more about Bombay Sapphire's gin distillery and history. Lemon trees bloom and produce fruit all year round. On our honeymoon we stayed with some friends in London and they made us this drink - now we can't stop making it! It is a handy mix that can be made ahead of time. The Gin Sour is a traditional mixed cocktail that predates Prohibition.

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Chamomile Gin Cocktail The right kind of Sleepytime tea. Vodka, cointreau and cranberry juice with a splash of lime. The Bourbon name was derived frrom Bourbon county, a large Kentucky county founded after the American Revolution. This drink was originally created by the Royal Navy to make Angostura Bitters, which they used as a medical treatment for the sailors, more palatable.

Mojitos Refreshing rum cocktails made with lime juice and fresh mint. Cocktails und Rezepte mw-systems. The chief flavouring agent in gin is the highly aromatic blue-green berry of the juniper. Dan's Something Delicious. Slowly pour half of any wheat beer into the glass.

20 Beer Cocktails to Drink Right Now

The majority of lemons are either Eurekas or Lisbons. Try it if you want to be a martini-drinker but aren't quite there yet. Yellow Chartreuse has a milder, sweeter flavour than its green equivalent. The best things in life, together at last.

In addition, you can then see which recipe you are missing which ingredients. Rosy Gin-Kombucha Cocktail New to kombucha?

Garnish with a wedge of pineapple and a cherry. Your new favorite could be a shake or stir away.

This is an easy girlie drink made up by a good friend after she had one at a bar. Cocktail Recipes Belly up to the bar and get recipes for your favorite drinks. The perfect Spring or Summer drink. Perfect to sip on a hot summer's day.

Wild River Bloody Mary Mix. Boston is the capital of Massachusetts.

Taylor Velvet Falernum John D. Blend until completely smooth. Rum used to be accepted as a form of currency in Europe and Australia.

Bruised tomatoes dripping with juice are tailor-made for a fresh Bloody Mary. The screwdriver is a simple but refreshing cocktail made by combining orange juice and vodka over ice. This herb-infused rocks drink is fresh, cooling, and thirst-quenching, perfect for day drinking. Recipe from Leinenkugel Brewing Co. Pineapple Upside-down Cake Martinis.