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Otherwise, calls ring normally and you must manually answer them. This table provides an overview of some configuration options that you may want to discuss with your phone system administrator based on your calling needs or work environment. Otherwise, the call rings on your phone for you to answer. Press Transfer again to complete the transfer or EndCall to cancel.

Idle Intercom line The intercom line is not in use. During a call, press Park. Send an active, ringing, or on-hold call to a voice message system Press iDivert. Note and text message on your The red light and message-waiting icon display only when you have a message on your primary line, even if you receive voice messages on other lines.

Hang up the call on your mobile phone to disconnect the mobile phone, but not the call. You may need to press the more softkey to see Confrn.

Answer the in-progress call on your mobile phone. Your phone can support up to six lines, depending on your phone and configuration.

Cisco Systems Cordless Telephone G User Guide

Press Preview to see a larger view of the background image. Your system administrators establishes this time limit. You can choose Previous or Next to move through listings. Toggle speakerphone mode on or off Press Switch to a handset Lift the handset. You may need to enter your entire extension, including the area code.

When the first directory number in the hunt group is busy, the system hunts for the next available directory number in the group and directs the call to that phone. With cBarge, other parties hear a brief audio interruption and the phone screen changes to display conference details. Highlight the listing you want and press Select.

For example, you can set up speed-dial buttons from your User Options web pages. See softkey and icon definitions See the Quick Reference Card in the front of this guide. This phone guide indicates which features are protocol-specific. Understanding Feature Availability Depending on your phone system configuration, features included in this phone guide may not be available to you or may work differently on your phone.

To refresh the phone configuration, click Reset and then Restart. With Mobile Connect and Mobile Voice Access installed, you can use your mobile phone to handle calls associated with your desktop phone number. Get help using Help Press?

Cisco 7942 IP Phone Frequently-viewed manuals

Controlling Line Settings on the Web Line settings affect a specific phone line directory number on your phone. Your system administrator must make this option available to you. You must record this number and then use the same number to retrieve the call. The first call is automatically put on hold. Using Conference Features You can create a conference in various ways, depending on your needs and the features that are available on your phone.

If you would like be able to pick up calls for other phones in a group, please. Do not use any liquids or powders on the phone, as they can contaminate phone components and cause failures. Click Add Member to add phone numbers or filters to the list.


Using a Speakerphone Assuming that the handset is in its cradle and is not lit, many of the actions you can take to dial a number or answer a call will trigger speakerphone mode automatically. See the table below for instructions. Select one or more entries and click Delete Selected. Press Private Allow others to view or barge calls on a shared line. Wait for the transfer recipient to answer.

In addition, you can have a default ring tone. Any active call is placed on hold and the selected call is resumed.

Depending on the configuration, the G Cisco phone supports either one or two lines. Just like other network devices, the Cisco phone must be managed and configured before use. Cisco merges video, mobile and data apps of Cisco ip phone troubleshooting with mobile and set networks, and sending rich association over government organization and institutional workspaces. Instead, nunca digas nunca pdf you must confirm your settings in the User Options web pages. Log in to your User Options web pages.

Access the Search page by choosing Submit. Note Toolbar buttons located at the top of the Device Configuration page are specific to the selected device type. Enter a phone label for the button and then click Save. Check with your system administrator to see if this feature is available to you. Doing so also prevents coworkers from barging your calls.

During a call you can also use any of your mobile phone features. For example, enter an access code or the area code, if necessary. Scroll to a listing and press Dial. See if a line associated with Look for Busy Lamp Field indicators.

Scroll through available images and press Select to choose an image. Press Save, or press Cancel. Call on hold You have put the call on hold. You can also ask your system administrator to configure a longer timeout value.

Cisco Manual User Guide for Cisco Ip Phone and Cisco Router OwnersCisco 7942 User Guide

This automatically puts call on hold, providing you with a dial tone. Note Use Abbreviated Dial a speed-dial button. Go off hook to place the call.

Cisco 7942 User Guide

Feature availability can vary. Accessibility Features A list of accessibility features is available upon request. Select the Enable Mobile Connect check box to allow your remote destination to ring simultaneously with your desktop phone. You can customize your phone to have up to six distinctive ring tones.

Obtain a Meet-Me phone number from your system administrator. Press the Fast Dial line button.