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Rating BreakdownWhat is the Correct Placement for Girl Scout Badges

Trainer Learning facilitators. If your Journey awards and badges don't fit on the front of your vest or sash, you can wear them on the back.

Below the troop numbers, membership stars are placed in a row. Where do you put the Pax Lodge pin on an Ambassador sash?

General Guidelines

Legacy badges are placed on the front of the vest, where the other badges go. Hi Maria, Yes, bridging awards generally transfers to the new uniform. You've provided useful information in a most interesting format. Membership stars and color backs - create a new row as necessary to accommodate all stars. Uniform Guides for Each Grade-Level.

The Cadette Bridge arch will be placed above the Junior arch, which will be placed above the Brownie arch or wings. They can go on the lower edge, in a row, or you can make a pyramid with several of them, or you can place them so that they make a pattern of your choice.

What is the Correct Placement for Girl Scout Badges

From Brownies to juniors to cadets and so on? Where does the Brownie First Aid triangle badge go? If they are triangular in shape, le code de da vinci pdf they are Brownie try-its and would go on the front of the Brownie vest. Emblems are placed on the girl's right side of the vest.

You can place them in a row just above any other earned badges, or just above other earned badges. If the troop has a crest, it is placed below the council's emblem and above the troop numbers. If you run out of space on the front of your uniform, you may place badges and awards on the back. In addition to the standard white and blue option, Daisies may choose to wear a full uniform ensemble, which includes a beanie and leggings or a skirt.

This is a new-ish fun patch that is very popular with the girls. If you discover that what you have is an earned Council badge, please write back and let us know! Skill builder badges go at the bottom.

Each star should have a color disc that goes between the star and the uniform piece. But most girls run out of room and will put Try-its on the left side below Journey badges as well as on the right side. You would put them below the My Promise, My Faith pins, if those were earned, or below the Cookie pins, if those were earned. Certainly, though, if your Council calls it a badge and has requirements to earn it, your troop can agree to place it on front.

Cookie badges are shaped like other Girl Scout badges - triangular, round, diamond, rectangular, or stylized square depending on grade level. It's Your World, Change It!

Where does the investiture badge go on a Girl Scout vest? If it is a skill builder badge, it would go on the right side of the vest. First, you will need to determine if the derby patch you have is a fun patch or a skill-builder badge. It can be confusing with all the badges and fun patches. Sometimes the iron-on glue loosens, so the extra stitch or two can help keep from losing a badge or patch completely.

Alternatively, you can start placing Try-its along the bottom hemline of the sash, and work your way up. All unofficial awards go on the back of the uniform, including cookie, camp, and fun patches. Below it goes the council's emblem.

The flag ceremony patch goes anywhere on the back of the vest or sash. No data is shared with Facebook unless you engage with this feature.

But there are commonalities between program age levels as far as where badges and pins are grouped and placed. If it is a badge that is associated with cookie sales, it will go on the front. In addition to the standard white and khaki option, Brownies may choose to wear a full uniform ensemble, which includes a Brownie shirt, beanie, tie, skort, and socks or tights. This is used to display charts and graphs on articles and the author center. In any event, these patches go anywhere on the back of the vest or sash.

Uniform Guide

This is a really good question because it can get confusing with all the different types of cookie badges and patches, especially for Daisies! That will give you more room to add above and you will be less likely to run out of space. These patches are associated with the cookie program, and are considered fun patches, so they go anywhere on the back of the vest or sash.

If the pin was given as a keepsake only, then it goes anywhere on the back of the vest or sash. But you can certainly make your vest your own and come up with your own interpretation! At the top, the American flag patch is placed. Non-consent will result in ComScore only processing obfuscated personal data.

In this case, fun patches always go on the back of the vest or tunic. Does that go on the front or back of her Girl Scout Brownie sash?

Uniform Guide

If, on the other hand, we are talking about the Membership Stars, those go right below the troop numbers. Award pins, badges and patches go below the membership stars. Adult Girl Scout members wear position pins to indicate their present position within the organization.

Start badge placement along the hemline and work your way up. Placement of the cookie pin is similar, on the Brownie vest or Cadette vest. This badge goes on the girl's right side of the vest, with placement starting at the bottom hem and working upwards in rows.

Series Volunteers for series and travel programs. Some articles have Google Maps embedded in them. It is arc-shaped like a bridge and there are specific requirements to earn it. Nice work and layout - very very informative.

Fun Patches on Cadette Vest

Thank you so much for your question! It helps to reinforce the program goals of building character and confidence in girls. Shop for Ambassadors Online. Board of Directors Council Board of Directors. That's a lot of information!