1973 Honda Cb350 Manual Pdf

Make sure that the adjustment has not been disturbed while tightening the lock nut, by rechecking the clearance after the lock nut has been tightened. Perform engine oil changes in the following manner. Riding with under-inflated tires will cause the tires to slip out of place in the rims, damaging the inner tube valves.

When installing the battery, be careful not to bend or twist the vent tube. From time to time check the tires for inflation pressure and correct it, if necessary.

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The clearance is reduced when the adjustment is made as shown in the table below. Up to vehicle capacity load. Make sue that the cut-out on the adjusting nut is seated on the brake arm pin after the final adjustment has been made. Drive chain tension should remain constant as the wheel is rotated. It can be operated without taking the hand off the handle grip.

For most riding conditions this spark plug heat range number is satisfactory. Carburetor-check or adjust. When decelerating the motorcycle, coordination of the throttle and the front and rear brakes is most important. Battery electrolyte level should be checked once a month. The remaining thickness of pad linings can be determined by measuring the clearance between the face of the caliper inner housing and the brake disc by pressing the inner housing toward the disc.

To install the front wheel, reverse the sequence outlined above. Than the lock is released and the seat can be raised. Under severe usage, or when the motorcycle is ridden in unusually duty areas, more frequent maintenance is necessary. After the engine starts, pull in the clutch lever and shift into gear, and make sure that the engine does not stall, nor the motorcycle start to creep. Carefully inspect all front suspension fasteners for tightness, this includes the attachment points of the fork tubes, brake components and handle bar.

Recheck the gap after tightening the locking screws. Engine Oil Replenishment and Change. The motorcycle should not be exposed to severe or abusive riding condition.

Removal of the rear wheel is performed in the following manner. Only distilled water should be added, to avoid contaminating the electrolyte. If the rear wheel assembly has been moved forward or rearward, during drive chain adjustment, the rear brake may require adjustment. Valve Tappet Clearance-check or adjust. Removal of the front wheel is performed in the following manner.

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Minor adjustment and parts replacement can be performed with the tools contained in the kit. Replenish fluid in the reservoir when bleeding is completed. The headlight will only operate when the main switch is in the on position. This precaution will be rewarded with extra-long trouble free life of the motorcycle.

Engine Oil Recommendation. Use a small syringe or plastic funnel to add water.

Recheck drive chain tension. The front brake switch is incorporated in the front brake system and requires no adjustment. The shifting sequence is arranged as shown in the figure. Viscosity selection should be based on the average atmospheric temperature in your riding area.

Spark Plugs Replacement and Adjustment. Tighten the reservoir cap securely. This figure indicates passing times and distances that can be met or exceeded by the vehicles to which it applies, in the situations diagrammed on the next page. This locks the steering to prevent theft. Set the valve in this position whenever the motorcycle is not in use.

Utilize the box keeping the owner's manual, maps, etc. Check the following items and if adjustment or servicing is necessary, refer to the appropriate section in the manual. In order for the full engine output to be delivered to the rear wheel, scm520 pdf it is necessary to have the clutch properly adjusted.

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The smooth gradual application of both the front and rear brakes together with the required throttle coordination will, under most conditions, assure positive speed reduction and stability. Tighten the base plate locking screws upon completion of the adjustment. This procedure is best performed by two mechanics.

The ignition will not operate unless the main switch is in the on position. When the choke lever is down the chokes are fully open, warm engine starting position. This inspection will only require a few minutes and can save you much time and expense in the long run. Check all suspension component attachment points for security of their respective fasteners.

Honda CB350

Shifting down to the lower gears is performed by progressively depressing the pedal. These instruments are grouped together and mounted above the headlight case. Cold Engine Starting Procedure. Helmet Holder and Document Box.